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  • Google Bard is Now Gemini

    Google Bard is Now Gemini

    Google Bard has been renamed Gemini, and it has gained two new features: Gemini Advanced and a mobile app. Gemini Advanced is a more powerful version of Bard that uses Google’s most advanced AI model, Ultra 1.0. It can perform complex tasks like coding and creative writing, and it can understand context from previous prompts.…

  • Rapid Review: Google Bard

    Rapid Review: Google Bard



    Bard is a large language model, also known as a conversational AI or chatbot trained to be informative and comprehensive. Bard is trained on a massive amount of text data, and is able to communicate and generate human-like text in response to a wide range of prompts and questions. For example, Bard can provide summaries…