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  • FBI Seizes ‘Kolectiva’ Mastodon Instance

    FBI Seizes ‘Kolectiva’ Mastodon Instance

    In July 2023, the FBI raided the servers of Kolektiva, a Mastodon instance that is part of the Fediverse, a decentralized social media network. The FBI seized all of the server’s data, including user accounts, posts, and messages. The EFF, a digital rights organization, has called the raid a “wake-up call” for Fediverse users and…

  • Cory Doctorow, “Little Brother”

    Cory Doctorow, “Little Brother”

    If you love freedom, if you think the human condition is dignified by privacy, by the right to be left alone, by the right to explore your weird ideas provided you don’t hurt others, then you have common cause with the kids whose web-browsers and cell phones are being used to lock them up and…