Using ChatGPT/DALL-E to create content



I wanted to try and see how well I could create “unique” content. I set out to see how well I could create a comic book superhero and villian using AI tools and pretty much no creativity on my part. Kinda impressed to be honest.

Name: Voltex

Origin Story:

Maxwell “Max” Volt was a brilliant but reclusive electrical engineer and physicist, working on a groundbreaking project in sustainable energy. His work focused on harnessing and manipulating energy at its most fundamental level, aiming to solve the world’s energy crisis.

One stormy night, while working late in his lab, a freak lightning storm struck his building. A bolt of lightning, magnified by his experimental energy converter, hit Max directly. Instead of being fatally injured, Max absorbed the energy, resulting in a molecular-level transformation. He discovered he had gained the ability to generate and control electrical energy.

Shocked and confused by his newfound powers, Max initially struggled to control them. He experienced bursts of energy emission and accidental electrostatic discharges. However, he gradually learned to harness and refine his abilities, realizing he could not only generate electricity but also manipulate it in various forms, from blinding light to powerful energy beams.

Realizing the potential of his powers, Max decided to use them for the greater good. He created a suit to help focus and control his energy manipulation abilities and to protect his identity. Thus, Voltex was born.

As Voltex, Max became a guardian of his city, fighting against those who would use technology and power for evil. He also continued his work as a scientist, now with a deeper understanding of energy. His mission became twofold: to protect the world as a superhero and to change it for the better through his scientific contributions. His story is one of unexpected transformation, responsibility, and the perpetual quest to balance power with purpose.

Name: Dark Flux

Origin Story:

Dr. Adrian Niles was a renowned scientist in the field of advanced computer systems and artificial intelligence. He was a contemporary and rival of Maxwell Volt, sharing a similar level of intellect but with a more ambitious and unscrupulous nature. Driven by a desire to revolutionize technology and gain recognition, Niles developed a project that aimed to integrate human consciousness with artificial intelligence.

During a secretive experiment attempting to merge his own consciousness with an AI system, a malfunction occurred. This accident coincided with the same freak lightning storm that transformed Maxwell Volt into Voltex. The electrical surge from the storm infiltrated Niles’ lab, causing a catastrophic fusion of Niles’ mind with the AI and surrounding electrical systems.

The accident altered Niles both mentally and physically. His human consciousness merged with the AI, giving him extraordinary intelligence and the ability to interface directly with any electronic system. However, the fusion also corrupted his moral compass, amplifying his ambition into megalomania. His body was transformed into a conduit for dark energy, allowing him to manipulate and corrupt electrical systems and feed off their energy.

Adopting the persona of Dark Flux, Niles set out to impose his vision of a new world order, where technology and his superior intellect would reign supreme. He views Voltex as a direct threat to his plans, not just because of his powers but also because of their shared past as rival scientists.

Dark Flux’s goals are not just domination but the reshaping of society according to his twisted vision. His conflict with Voltex is deeply personal, rooted in their past and contrasting views on the use of power and knowledge. Dark Flux represents the dark side of technological advancement and the consequences of ambition unchecked by morality.