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Google’s Find My Device Getting Massive Upgrade

Google is expanding its Find My Device platform to include more devices and a new crowdsourced network. The new features will make it easier to find lost or stolen devices, and will also help to protect your privacy.

One of the biggest changes is that Find My Device will now work with a wider range of devices, including headphones, tablets, and other smart home devices. This means that you’ll be able to use Find My Device to track down your lost earbuds or find out where your tablet is if it’s been misplaced.

In addition to expanding the device support, Google is also adding a new crowdsourced network to Find My Device. This network will use other Android devices to help you find your lost device. When you activate Find My Device, your device will start broadcasting its location to other Android devices in the area. If someone else’s Android device picks up your signal, it will send the location back to Google, which will then display it on your Find My Device dashboard.

The new crowdsourced network is a major addition to Find My Device, and it could make it much easier to find your lost device. However, it’s important to note that this feature will only work if you have location sharing enabled on your device. You can enable location sharing in the Google Settings app.

Overall, the new features for Find My Device are a major improvement. They make it easier to find your lost devices, and they also help to protect your privacy. If you’re an Android user, I highly recommend enabling Find My Device and turning on location sharing.