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Everyone should use encrypted messaging

Encrypted messaging systems, such as Signal and Matrix, even to a somewhat lesser extent, iMessage – are important to all people because they help to protect the privacy and security of your communications. When you use an encrypted messaging app, your messages are transformed into a secure, encrypted code that can only be read by the person you are communicating with. This helps to prevent unauthorized parties from intercepting and reading your messages.

Using an encrypted messaging app is particularly important for individuals who may be at risk of having their communications monitored or intercepted, such as activists, journalists, and government officials. It can also be useful for anyone who wants to protect their personal and sensitive information from being accessed by others.

In addition to protecting your privacy, encrypted messaging apps can also help to protect your security. Many encrypted messaging apps offer features such as end-to-end encryption, which ensures that your messages are secure from the moment you send them until they are received by the intended recipient. This can help to prevent hackers or other malicious actors from accessing your messages and using them for nefarious purposes. Overall, using an encrypted messaging app is an important step that everyone can take to protect their privacy and security online.